Stalkthis is set to change the way consumers shop online and in store.

We’re working closely with the retail industry to learn more about retailers’ specific needs. With subscription packages and unique features currently in development, Stalkthis can provide retailers with access to its consumers, rich data and reports on a range of consumer behaviors and preferences, including actual intent to buy and at what price. By leveraging these unique insights to develop data-driven strategies, retailers can grow to be more competitive through tailored products and promotions.

To get closer to your customers than ever before, we encourage you to join the dozens of companies taking the step to become a free Stalkthis beta partner.

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Put the Stalk button on your website

Drive a deeper level of engagement with your existing customers and attract new customers who are already using Stalkthis by placing the Stalk button on your website.

Similar to other social media buttons, the 'Stalk' button can be quickly and easily installed on your website with just two lines of code. It has been carefully designed and methodically tested to ensure it won't interfere with the operation of your website. If for some reason the script doesn't load, your customers will be non-the-wiser.


To install the button, simply copy this javascript reference to the <head> section of your product pages:
Then add this div to your page where you want the button to appear:

When installed, the button will show your how many people are stalking your product and allows users to click on it to launch the Stalkthis 'widget'.

Retailer portal

We are busy building a retailer portal, a simple place where you can:

  • View analyzed data and gain valuable insights into customer behaviors and preferences
  • Capture value from deep and real-time information
  • Manage your data-feeds to ensure fast and accurate stalking of your website
  • Create personalized communication messages to shoppers
  • Manage your in-store catalogue to allow shoppers to stalk products in your physical store
  • Promote your brand through brand profile and style icon pages