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Chloe Morello

I am a 21 year old makeup and fashion lover from Canberra, Australia. In addition to my full time job, I work as a YouTube Partner, freelance makeup artist and belly dancer. My passion for makeup, beauty and fashion and my desire to help others led me to start a YouTube channel, ‘ChloeMorello’, in March 2012. Since that time, I have been posting videos between two and three times per week on a variety of topics involving beauty, makeup, fashion and health, gaining 68,000 loyal subscribers in just nine months. I update my busy Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts daily, where I enjoy interacting with my 'fans' and answering their questions, as well as discussing our favourite topic - beauty!

My YouTube channel aims to help women, both in Australia and wordwide, in all fields of beauty, fashion, health and self-confidence. In my videos and posts I cover makeup techniques and tutorials, new beauty tips, fashion ideas and give product reviews. My main priority is to provide this service to my Australian viewers, as I feel we are underrepresented in the massive YouTube beauty world, and to showcase seasonal beauty and fashion tips. In addition, I aim to continue to appeal to my large percentage of international viewers.

I love that my channel has given me the opportunity to work and collaborate with companies I've long admired, especially Australian companies. Working with brands allows me to provide my viewers with the content that is both fresh and of high quality. I wish to promote products that I truly believe in, products that can and will make women’s lives that little bit more colourful - and easier! 

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