What is Stalkthis?

Stalkthis is a unique shopping tool that saves you time and money, and helps organize your online shopping. Found something you want to buy? Simply save the item in your handy, personalized shopping list on Stalkthis. Stalkthis will automatically keep an eye on it – and all your favorite products – then alert you when the price drops. No more wrangling bookmarks or forgetting where you saw an item. You can buy what you want at the price you want, quickly and easily.

You can share and follow friends, and even see how many other people are keeping an eye on the same products or buy early so you don’t miss out. And you’ll get plenty of great shopping ideas from our Inspiration page.

Best of all, Stalkthis doesn’t cost anything to use, so you have more to spend on the important things in life, like shopping!

Join now

Create a free Stalkthis account. You can also join through Facebook. Once signed up, elect to receive product alerts by email, SMS or both.

Install the Stalk button

The Stalkthis button is your quick and easy gateway to adding the items you find to your personalized Stalklist. It’s a snap to install the stalk button in the bookmarks bar of your web browser. Here are instructions.

Stalk something you want to buy

You’ve found something you want to buy on one of your favorite websites, but perhaps it’s not the price you want to pay or you’re not ready to buy it just yet.

Simply click the Stalkthis bookmark in your browser, and a small window will display to help you save the product to your Stalklist. You can choose to be sent an alert when the product drops in price. You can also choose which of your personalized Stalklists to save the product in. It’s totally customizable, and a great way to organize your shopping lists in one place.


Follow someone.

See what’s on trend and discover what’s new and exciting by following friends, sites, stylists, style icons, other shoppers and bloggers who have made their Stalklist public.

You can follow your friends, sites, people and lists. The more the merrier!

Be followed.

Your Stalklist is automatically set to ‘private’ but there’s a lot to be gained by making your Stalklist ‘public’. Even when you make your list public, others won’t see your stalk price because that’s private. If you are a retailer, brand ambassador, stylist, blogger, or style icon, it’s a great way to engage with your worshipers. And if you’re a regular shopper like the bulk of us, it’s an enjoyable way to share your shopping discoveries with others.

Found an item you want to keep under your hat? No problem. You can make some items public and keep others to yourself.

Code of conduct

Research tells us our users are discerning. You know what you want and how much you want to pay for it. We respect that! What we ask in return is that you respect Stalkthis in the following ways:

  • Don’t stalk offensive products. We don’t want objectionable content or comments showing up on our Inspiration page. (And we’re not talking about the things the fashion police would find offensive!). If you happen to spot anything that contradicts our Terms of Service please let us know by clicking the ‘Report’ button and we’ll ensure it’s removed as soon as possible.
  • Only stalk the things you are genuinely interested in buying. It helps us,the retailers, and you by providing a more authentic shopping experience.

Be Inspired

We all want to be inspired, motivated or even influenced creatively in some way.

The Inspiration page has been designed to show you what others are stalking and provide you with ideas for your own shopping. We encourage you to get inspired!

About Us

Stalkthis.com was launched in September 2012, and is owned and operated by four co-founders based in Australia. The idea was conceived around the dinner table over a few red wines and a joke or two about our tendencies to ‘stalk’ the things we want. As it turns out, a staggering 78% of you out there agree there is a need for Stalkthis in the market!

If you love shopping online as much as we do, we’d like your to help to spread the word to stalkers just like us. Encourage them to start stalking the things they love and want to buy.

The more users we have, the more sites we’ll be able to add to our list of participating retailers and the more incentives we’ll be able to deliver to you.