Find products on sites you love and
get alerts when they go on sale.

You find it, we stalk it... you buy it!

How To
Shop your
favorite online
Find a product you
like and stalk it —
save it to your list.
When it goes
on sale we'll let
you know.

The stalk button is a bookmark you save
into your browser to help you shop online.

Save time.
We’ll keep an eye on all your
favorite products, 24/7 and
we’ll let you know when they
go on sale by SMS or email.
Lighten your load.
Free your inbox from
catalogue overload and only
see alerts about the products
you want to hear about.
Feel the love.
Receive promotions from
stores you love about the
products you are stalking.
One shopping list.
One account for tracking the
products you want to buy
from anywhere on the web –
so you’ll never forget where
your found them.
Get inspired.
Follow style icons and
discover new products
matched to you.
Cool off.
Not ready to buy it yet? Save
it to your list and buy when
you’re ready.